Soft Headband

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Our soft cotton headband is designed to protect your hair during your masking routine and make every moment a spa-like indulgence.

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Elevate your masking routine with the Soft Cotton Headband by Rola Skin.

Designed for skincare enthusiasts, this headband is a must-have to keep your hair clean. Crafted from premium cotton, it provides a snug and comfortable fit, ensuring your hair stays perfectly in place while you pamper your skin, adding a touch of luxury to your skincare ritual. Make every moment feel like a spa experience.

Use mask twice a week as part of your skincare routine for long-term results or any time your complexion seems dull, dry and lacking in radiance to rebalancing the skin and get immediate visible healthy glow.

Recommended time to use it:

· During your AM/PM skincare routine instead of your serum, to give a boost of hydration and glow.

· Before an event or a party, to get soft and smooth skin and ensure flawless makeup application.

· After a flight, to avoid dehydration damages due to the low cabin pressure.

· Post-workout, to help with skin redness, blemishes and encourage a healthy glow.

· After a very cold day to repair the skin barrier and after sun exposure or sunburn to deeply soothe and regenerate skin cells.

The Ultra Hydrating Restore Glow Mask doesn't contain any acid or exfoliator so can be safely used also daily.

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